Supporting Vulnerable Delawareans – Delaware currently completely underfunds services for those experiencing domestic violence or child abuse.  Nick has worked with survivors and will work to ensure our systems support those who are not safe at home and often feel unable to leave or report their abuse.

  • Providing right to representation for protection for abuse orders (similar to right to representation for eviction)
  • Amending mandatory reporting for historic abuse
  • Ensuring that all social services and domestic violence shelter workers are paid a living wage
  • Covering sanitary supplies through Medicaid and private insurance

Supporting Working Families – The pandemic saw a massive migration of parents leaving the workforce, disproportionately women.  It has become increasingly difficult to balance work and parenting – as well as the high cost of housing and student loans.  Supporting Delaware’s economy is about more than just funding small businesses, it require quality investment in the workforce.

  • Ensuring DOE/school districts create staff positions to help parents to navigate pre-k options
  • Subsidizing childcare, both for low income and middle income families
  • Creating better supports for those who experience sexual harassment, including unemployment insurance
  • Providing paid safety leave for those fleeing domestic violence

Supporting Our Children’s Future – Hockessin has always been a wonderful place to grow up and I have so many memories of walking to Lantana Square with my friends, able to develop my independence in a supportive community.  I want to be able to provide that experience both for my son and other children in RD22, ensuring children are able to grow up in a close knit environment.

  • Ensuring that Delaware provides a permit to purchase
  • Updating the person prohibited list for gun violence
  • Funding K-12 schools sufficiently
  • Investing in neighborhood paths and community sidewalks
  • Better ensuring group activities for children and teenagers in the local community